We are ready for another exciting week! 

We’ll be onsite at the return of the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS 2022), taking place from September 12-17, 2022, in Chicago, IL. We’re teaming with our partners Kawasaki Robotics and Mitsubishi Electric Automation to showcase our RapidPlan robot motion planning and control software through interactive onsite demos at each of their booths. 

Here are the details on everywhere you can find us at IMTS 2022:

Kawasaki Robotics and Realtime Robotics have teamed up to provide a cutting-edge solution for real-time motion planning and collision avoidance that can optimize floor space and drastically reduce programming time. 

Exhibited as a spot-welding demo at IMTS 2022, this cell showcases the power of Kawasaki robots’ through-arm design, open programming platform, and startup-approved KRNX API plugin combined with Realtime Robotics’ innovative RapidPlan motion planning and collision avoidance software. 

IMTS attendees can interact with the cell by altering the robots’ motion path in real time – all without any reprogramming or manual verification of motion planning. Realtime Robotics’ cutting-edge RapidPlan software also maximizes floor space by assessing the movement of each robot in real time. 

When combined with Kawasaki robots’ through-arm cable design, there is no need to predict the swing of parts – as the robot moves positions. This solution can also reduce programming time by 70% by executing complex, multi-robot tasks without manual programming.


The combination of Realtime Robotics’ RapidPlan robot programming and motion control software and Mitsubishi Electric’s industrial robots will be highlighted in an interactive demo cell at Mitsubishi’s booth (134102) at IMTS 2022.

In the demo, two Mitsubishi robots (RV-7FRL and RV-8CRL) simulate moving to various points of interest on the workpiece, while the ASSISTA collaborative robot moves to inspect various points of interest. Using a touch screen, a show attendee can tap to modify target allocation, add/remove existing, or drag and drop targets to change their order. An IMTS attendee can start, stop and reset all or individual robots without any reprogramming or motion plan validation.

In addition to our onsite IMTS 2022 presence, we recently announced additional funding  and are also highlighting our integration with Siemens Process Simulate at the event. Check out each linked news release for more on our new investors and our work to bring RapidPlan to Process Simulate users.

Stop by and see us at IMTS 2022 if you’re in the area, or drop us a line at sales@rtr.ai if you’d like to schedule a time to connect before or after the show. 

Looking forward to seeing you!