Broadcast Confidence

Increase reliability and system uptime

Compare the real-world task locations with the digital expectation to prevent compounding errors before a major failure occurs, saving down-time, and increasing reliable throughput.

1. Calibrate sensors

The first step is to calibrate the sensors with RapidPlan. We provide details on how to handle setup and configuration for both intrinsic and extrinsic parameters. This step is key to ensure that camera placements reduce occlusions.

2. Configure the cell

The second step is to configure high-resolution areas to monitor pick and place locations. Once determined, the operator will be alerted when the area doesn’t match expected outcomes.

3. Detect and react

The last step is watching the robots in production adjust automatically to variable and known objects in 3D space. The unique connection between RapidPlan and RapidSense provides collision avoidance for unexpected intrusions within the workcell.

Stream Quality

Accurate handling for logistics

Build pallets nearly twice as fast as conventional systems, with a significant reduction in programming time. Ensure that pallets are built accurately and efficiently, with real-time monitoring and verification of the build process. With RapidSense, you can reduce system downtime, improve pallet quality, and increase throughput, all while ensuring your products remain safe and undamaged during the palletizing process.

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RapidPlan Software

Collision-free multi-robot automation in design, commissioning, and production

Siemens Plugin

RapidPlan motion planning and interlocks in your existing Process Simulate workflow


Our application engineers use advanced algorithms to optimize your automation cells to reduce cycle time


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