It’s that time of year again – where we here at Realtime Robotics hit the road for a bit to bring our robot motion planning and optimization solutions out to the public in person. This year, we’ve got a pair of events (so far) in EMEA to talk about.

This past week our own Director of European Business, Rafiq Iqbal, attended MECSPE 2024, otherwise known as the annual “international reference fair for the manufacturing industry.” It took place this year at the BolognaFiere in Bologna, Italy, from March 6-8, 2024.

While at the event, Rafiq wowed audiences with a presentation entitled “Automotive Production Optimization as a Service.” He shared an overview of where the use of robotic automation can become bottlenecked at an automotive manufacturer, and why the correct solution entails finding ways to optimize the equipment and procedures already in place.

We have the perfect solution to solve those bottlenecks – Optimization-as-a-Service. If finding out how to get more out of your robotic workcells sounds like a problem you need solved, check it out here:

Realtime will also be visiting Frankfurt, Germany in May this year to attend the upcoming ICM 2024 event. ICM prides itself on “…asking the most relevant questions and covering the most pivotal topics in current automotive manufacturing.”

We’re a bronze sponsor at the event and cannot wait to share details with attendees on how Realtime’s Optimization solution can help automotive manufacturing companies improve their use of automation and robotics, improving efficiency and effectiveness to get more out of their existing investments.

If you’re attending ICM, we’d love to meet up with you. Send us a message at if you’d like to connect on-site, or if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you improve your automation processes.