Achieve your target
cycle time in days or weeks, not months.

Take whole seconds
off your cycle time.

Whether you are facing a bottleneck or designing a new cell, Optimization enables you to reach or beat your cycle time target faster. Stop wasting your time with costly manual programming that may not deliver results. Our revolutionary Optimization solution allows you to know within days if a simple programming change will achieve the required cycle time. There’s no impact to your existing processes nor upfront payments.

Here’s how we do it:


Send us a simulation or digital twin of your workcell.


Within days, we confirm if RapidPlan Optimize will yield solid results.


We complete optimization within days or weeks, not months.


Work with your preferred linebuilder to integrate reduced cycle time into the real workcell.

Valiant TMS and RTR’s Optimization reduced an Automotive OEM’s cycle times by 17%.

Valiant TMS used Realtime’s optimization solution to design motion plans with more efficient motion paths, better interlocks, and a faster execution time, ultimately reducing multi-robot cycle time by 17% and cutting programming time in half.

Traditional vs Optimized Programming

Traditional Programming

  • Requires years of experience programming specific brands of robots to find solutions
  • Cycle time reduction, if any, is not known until after programming changes are deployed on-site
  • Many engineering hours and multiple shutdowns are required to get improvements
  • Trial and error approach means bottlenecks impact every hour of production until resolved
Robot cell not meeting cycle time

Optimized Programming

  • Algorithms evaluate hundreds of thousands of possibilities for any robot brand.
  • Know within days how much cycle time could be saved by optimizing robot programs
  • Quickly deploy optimized paths in a single shutdown
  • Eradicate bottlenecks within weeks and achieve target throughput
Robot cell with optimized motion paths meeting cycle time


See results
in advance.

Determine quickly if simple programming changes achieve cycle time targets. Eliminates the need for costly additional hardware, integrations, and deployments.

Let computers
do the work.

Even expert programmers can only try a limited number of alternatives. Our algorithms evaluate hundreds of thousands of iterations to find the shortest cycle time.

No technical
or financial risk.

Results-based payment. No impact to your existing process. We partner with leading integrators to implement the optimized solution. Check with your preferred technology partner.

Unlock your cell’s peak performance.

Optimization explores hundreds of thousands of permutations to find the solution with the lowest cycle time. Our innovative and unique Optimization solution evaluates multiple paths, sequences, poses, end-of-arm-tool rotations, and interlocks for multiple robots within a cell, quickly presenting options for system integrators & manufacturers to reduce cycle time and finish projects faster.

Our customers’ cycle time breakthroughs.

Discover how our customers around the world have achieved that elusive improvement in cycle time using Realtime’s Optimization.

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