Worried about cycle time?

Whether you are facing a bottleneck or designing a new cell, optimization allows you to reach or beat the cycle time target. Stop wasting your time with costly manual programming that may not deliver results. Our innovative and unique Optimization-as-a-Service allows you to know, within days and at no risk, if a programming change will achieve the required cycle time. There’s no impact to your existing processes or upfront payments. No gain, no pain.

Two robot cell with optimized motion paths for shortest cycle time


See results in advance

Determine quickly if software changes achieve cycle time targets. Avoids the need for costly additional hardware, integrations, and deployments.

Let computers do the work

Even expert programmers can only try a limited number of alternatives. Our algorithms will evaluate hundreds of thousands of iterations to find the shortest cycle time.

No technical or financial risk

No impact to your existing process. No payment without results. We partner with leading integrators to implement the optimized solution. Check with your preferred partner.

Robot cell not meeting cycle time

Traditional Method

Requires years of experience programming specific brands of robots to find solutions

Cycle time reduction, if any, is not known until after programming changes are made

Many engineering hours and several shutdowns are required to get improvements

Trial and error approach means bottlenecks impact every hour of production until resolved

Robot cell with optimized motion paths meeting cycle time

Optimized Method


Algorithms evaluate hundreds of thousands of possibilities for any robot brand.


Know within days how much cycle time will be saved by optimizing robot programs


Quickly deploy optimized paths in a single shutdown


Eradicate bottlenecks within weeks and hit target throughput

Here is how we do it:

4 steps to shave whole seconds off your current cycle time

  1. Send us a simulation or digital twin of your workcell
  2. Within days we confirm if optimization is possible
  3. We complete optimization within weeks, not months
  4. Integrate reduced cycle time into the real workcell


What others have to say

A leading automotive manufacturer used OaaS in a proof-of-concept project for electric vehicle manufacturing. The company’s simulation file was analyzed without stopping or interfering with ongoing production, and the resulting recommendations helped improve cycle time by 15%.

Customer Original Cycle Time Optimized Results Cycle Time Savings Percentage Savings
Euro OEM
4 Robots
21.43s 12.41s 9.02s 42.09%
Euro OEM
2 Robots
48.7s 41.3s 7.4s 15.2%
2 Robots
50.2s 45.3s 4.9s 9.8%
Euro OEM
4 Robots
48.0s 45.9s 2.1s 4.4%


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