Unleash your robots

Collision-free navigation for multiple robots

Tell RapidPlan where you want your robots to go, and it will get them there, collision-free: in simulation, during commissioning or at runtime. Runtime will factor in the correct location, use the best known routes and optimize all necessary motions and poses – slashing your programming time and ensuring shorter cycle times.

How it works, in 5 simple steps.

  1. Load your CAD data for the workcell. RapidPlan then models from our library and your robot targets.
  2. Next, RapidPlan will automatically generate paths to the targets for all robots involved. You can then modify paths if you want, based on your application.
  3. RapidPlan will validate that all paths are collision-free, drastically reducing validation time on the floor.
  4. Now, export your RapidPlan project – a 3D representation of your workcell, including all destinations and paths. Load it into the industrial PC at the workcell.
  5. Start your robots moving, collision-free. Send your commands to RapidPlan from a task planner, such as a PLC. RapidPlan will then control all robots simultaneously to perform the tasks – without colliding with the objects or robots, as laid out in your 3D model.

Always on target

Increase uptime in new or existing automation

Traditionally, fault recovery requires manual intervention. With RapidPlan, robots can backtrace or find new collision-free paths to return to their home poses, minimizing failure recovery time.

RapidPlan Benefits

Command up to 16 robots to the desired targets using RapidPlan’s collision avoidance motion planning.

Reduce required robotic programming experience to avoid or prevent collisions.

Reduce manual programming and error likelihood, while quickly adapting to changing needs.

Use existing robot hardware for increased efficiency and productivity in the workcell with a wide range of compatible robot brands.

Remove the dependency on any robot manufacturer – mix and match brands in one cell.

Use Profinet or ASCII commands to interface with an IPC and enable your PLC to control robots from different OEMs.

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