The team at Realtime Robotics will be busy this Fall, bringing our revolutionary industrial robotics motion control and collision avoidance technology, RapidPlan, to audiences across Germany. I’m personally thrilled for the opportunity to attend these key industry events and talk in person with those leaders who could benefit most from the efficiency, throughput and cost improvements that our technology can deliver.

Here’s some details on the upcoming events and where to find Realtime Robotics:

  • First off, we’ll be a part of the IIC 2023 event, taking place this September 13-14, 2023, at the 3G Conference Hotel, Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 12-14, 36041, Fulda, Germany. At this event, Realtime Robotics will participate with its partner FFT in a customer factory multi-robot welding cell tour. I’ll also have the honor of being a presenter on the second day of the event, during the tour. If you’re in attendance and would like to know more about our RapidPlan technology can help your organization, I’d be more than happy to share additional information.
  • Following that, Realtime Robotics will be at EMO Hannover 2023, taking place September 18-23, 2023, in Hannover, Germany at the Hannover Fairground. We’ll be bringing a live, multi-robot demo with us to Hall 9, Booth E34. The demo will bring together two FANUC 200iD 7L robots, one ABB IRB 1200 5-90 robot, and one KUKA KR_6_R700 robot in an industrial assembly screw automation. The demo is interactive – allowing attendees to control the robots and easily change the sequence of the robot programs. Our RapidPlan technology makes it possible for the multiple robots to be coordinated and rapidly readjusted in the application, eliminating collisions and removing the need for manual and time-consuming validation efforts.
  • Last but not least, Realtime Robotics will be attending the upcoming COBOTS4YOU event, happening on October 24, 2023 at the Vogel Convention Center in Würzburg, Germany. Our motion control and collision avoidance software, RapidPlan, will be on display at the event, and I will be a co-moderator at the conference and will be giving a presentation to attendees at 11am local time on the topic of “Collaborative Robots and the Transformation Leap into the Future.” In this, we’ll share the latest insights on how collaborative robots are making transformational change possible – and what that means for your organization. I’ll also have the opportunity to give a second presentation to attendees as well a bit later on the day, so watch the agenda as it’s announced for the time and location details.

If you’re in Germany this Fall, I’d love to meet up with you at one of these events. All three are guaranteed to deliver insights into the latest technologies and industry trends; insights that you can apply to your own specific organization and use to improve the outcomes of your automation efforts.