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Automatic path planning and
runtime multi-robot control.

RapidPlan drastically reduces manual programming of robotic cells. Generate or regenerate motion paths quickly without programming. When you need to iterate through changes, RapidPlan saves you valuable engineering time by letting you try out different robot paths that are automatically generated.


Enable real-time motion planning
and sensing in dynamic environments.

RapidSense monitors and detects dynamic obstacles, so your robots can react and move around them—in real time. RapidSense, aided by 3D sensors, works on the fly, identifying changes and immediately guiding the robots to avoid collisions.

Process Simulate Plug-In

Accelerate your design with
automatic path planning and interlocks.

Developed in cooperation with Siemens, the Process Simulate Plug-in eliminates most of the costly point-to-point programming using our automated motion planning and interlock generation. Get the power of RapidPlan within your existing simulation tools.


Automatic error recovery
and production continuation.

When errors or stops occur, AutoHoming helps to quickly get back to production by returning all robots within a workcell to their home position without collisions at the push of a button. Operators are now able to get the line back up and running without requiring robotics expertise.

We integrate with virtually every robot

We integrate with 3D sensors


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