Adaptive automation

Software for collision-free multi-robot automation

RapidPlan creates intelligent movement paths and guides industrial robots seamlessly to their destinations. Plan, validate, and execute collision-free paths for up to 16 robots, reducing programming complexity and ensuring precise task execution. Minimize manual programming, adapt to changes and increase uptime.

RapidPlan Benefits

Up to 50%

decrease in robot lifecycle cost


reduction in programming time


increase in throughput rate

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RapidPlan Software

Collision-free multi-robot automation in design, commissioning, and production

Siemens Plugin

RapidPlan motion planning and interlocks in your existing Process Simulate workflow


Our application engineers use advanced algorithms to optimize your automation cells to reduce cycle time


Collision-free automation for dynamic applications

Use RapidSense with RapidPlan for real-time motion planning in dynamic environments. Quickly adapt to changes by enabling robots to find paths on the fly in variable scenarios.


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Ford Motor Co

“At Ford, we want to drive the future of manufacturing excellence. Realtime’s unparalleled solution enables adaptability and efficiency in our processes, and we are excited to push the boundaries of what is possible together.”

Gregory Linkowski Robotics Research Engineer, Robotics & Mobility Research Ford Motor Co

HELLA Electronics

“I just have to know where the robot is going to pick, where it’s going to place and Realtime Robotics takes care of the tracking of the robot, the paths of the robot for me and I don’t have to be concerned about them colliding with each other.”

Ralph Barbre Automation Engineer Hella Electronics

Schaeffler Technologies

“The increasing complexity of multi-robot systems poses some challenges at the time of their engineering, deployment and control. Realtime Robotics provides a solution that can help to reduce these efforts significantly, whilst their concept also offers great potential for human as well as functional safety like collision avoidance in operation or auto homing. We are excited to launch our first pilot in production.”

Markus Blauhöfer Project Manager New Production Concepts Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

Mitsubishi Electric

“One of the benefits of the Realtime Robotics platform with Mitsubishi hardware is its ability to drop in nearly any application that’s going on. So whether that’s a new line designed out of the gates or an existing line that has personnel on it, or maybe it had some legacy automation that you wanted to improve, it literally can function in any of those systems you drop in.”

Tim Kalhorn Channel Account Manager Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

Valiant TMS

“The combination of Process Simulate with Realtime Robotics’ automated motion planning and interlocking has provided a significant improvement to our efficiency, reducing our off-line programming efforts by more than 80%. This presents to us a tangible and strategic advantage in the industry.”

Michael Schaubmayr Group Manager, Mechanical Engineering Simulation Valiant TMS


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