Unlocking Faster ROI

Speed, agility and flexibility are critical in order to produce products for vehicles in a timely manner to capitalize on the latest models, transportation trends and styles. Parts suppliers like Hella also need to be able to change the products they produce quickly and easily as demand can increase or fall at a moment’s notice.



Project Goals

The company was looking to optimize an existing pick and place operation, with a lot of incoming and outgoing goods. An operator still had to occasionally enter the workcell, creating a need for a dynamic work environment between the robot and the person. Continued operational success for Hella requires the following:

    Dynamic work and obstacle avoidance so the robots are able to accurately operate between the task, the operators, the surrounding equipment and the employees.

    A consistent reduction in cycle time.

    Decreasing reprogramming and redeployment time for robots.

    Live collision avoidance, while rapidly responding to an unexpected operation or variable task is key.

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