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A real platform for automation

Realtime Robotics has developed a simple, extensible platform for automation. The platform has interlocking features that, when combined, enable customers and system integrators to apply flexible robot control technology to vastly broader applications.

Realtime’s technology is a combination of proprietary software and hardware that enables real-time motion planning. Our core collision-free motion planning platform is versatile and continuously accommodates changes occurring in a workcell. This allows users to operate single or multiple robots safely at full speed in unstructured and uncaged environments.

The combined features in our platform empower robots to function seamlessly across many deployments with minimal programming and reprogramming during implementation.

RapidPlan includes:

Realtime Controller and RapidPlan

Enables collision-avoidance around known static objects and connected dynamic objects (such as other robots) while executing variable tasks in variable locations.

Retrofit your current application with our technology, which easily interfaces with your PLC or custom task planner and single or multiple robot controllers.

We provide an easy-to-use visualization toolkit to define regions where the robot will need to move. The toolkit generates a roadmap of potential motions to maneuver the robot, its end-effector, and payloads autonomously around known static and dynamic obstacles.

The Realtime Controller accelerates motion planning using proprietary algorithms and advanced semiconductor technology that operates 1000x faster than conventional approaches running on high-end GPUs. A robot can change its current trajectory and choose a new path with virtually no time penalty due to the parallel manner in which motions are collision checked. Changes to the robot program can be implemented online and within minutes saving, programming costs and process downtime.


Simulation with the Realtime Controller

Validate your solution with Siemens’ industry leading Tecnomatix® Process Simulate, coupled with the Realtime Controller and RapidPlan software.

Simulating your solution in Tecnomatix® Process Simulate with the Realtime Module simplifies and accelerates the process to physical build-out. The integrated technology automates motion planning and eliminates the need to enter teach-points and managing interference zones. Manufacturers and integrators can now quickly and easily plan, simulate, and validate automation through the entire deployment.

For any multi-robot scenario, the new solution delivers multiple benefits:

  • Quicker and easier to simulate a virtual robotic operation before making changes to the physical manufacturing line
  • Robots are more flexible as it's much easier and quicker to reprogram them
  • Robots are more efficient,operating at a faster pace with no risk of collision
  • Same solution is used for simulation and real-world robots
  • Easily define all possible paths and waypoints, which are guaranteed collision-free
  • Automated path planning and interlock creation
  • Ability to load projects and configure robots for all major robot OEMs
  • The joint end result is up to 70% reduction in programming, testing and implementation time

Works with your robot


If workcell variations are causing downtime for your robot system, RapidSense can help get it moving again. When RapidSense is paired with RapidPlan, unmodeled obstacles can be avoided and goal-directed motions computed at runtime, allowing for process variation and environmental changes to be autonomously managed by the robot.

Using our simple calibration application, RapidSense is able to merge point cloud data from multiple depth cameras. Additionally, the RapidSense interface suggests optimal camera placements and notifies users when variance in calibration is detected. With a unified architecture for occlusion detection, RapidSense enables a robot to react accordingly when a portion of the workcell might not be visible.

When using RapidSense, users will have fully visualized high speed detection of dynamic obstacles. This enables robots to adapt to changes in their environment in real-time and complete their task.

RapidSense includes:


A real difference

Current technology

  • Extensive PLC Programming: PLCs must manage interference zones and keep track of where each robot is going and when it should get there.
  • Complicated Robot Programming: Weeks to months of programming teach points and robot motions through simulation, testing, and evaluation.
  • Non-flexible Solution: Small changes can have compounding effects resulting in redundant work efforts.

Realtime's technology

  • Simple Programming: The Realtime toolkit allows users to easily create teach points, with collision free robot motions automatically created.
  • Easy Task Planning: The Realtime Controller easily integrates with task planners using simple PLC Function Blocks or simple Robot Script commands.
  • Multi-Robot Support: A single Realtime Controller can manage up to four robots working in the same space without any need for programming interference zones or interlocks.
  • Flexible Solution is Easy to Change: Because robot motions are automatically created, changes to applications can be made without affecting the existing workflows.

Real environments




  • Realtime Controller
  • RapidPlan Software


  • Spot welding
  • Assembly
  • Part transfer
  • Machine tending
  • Drilling/screwing
  • +More 

If the environment is fixed a perception system for collision avoidance is not needed. Supported robots can manage process variation competently because motion planning through the environment and around other robots is performed autonomously. Simply specify an end state for the robot and RapidPlan will guide it through a safe route to get there, even in the presence of other robots in the same space.

RapidPlan allows users to change the environment at-will while not worrying about reprogramming the robot. Update your workcell structure in our toolkit and RapidPlan will seamlessly compute new motion plans for your robot. Realtime’s comprehensive motion planning technique accounts for static obstacles in the scene as well as defined motions of connected equipment such as other robots.




  • Realtime Controller
  • RapidPlan Software
  • RapidSense Spatial Perception


  • All structured examples
  • Pick and place
  • Palletizing
  • Kitting
  • Inspection
  • +More 

Creating a motion plan though a well-defined environment is not an easy task, so now imagine creating a motion plan while detecting objects on the fly.

The unique combination of RapidPlan and RapidSense can account for unknown obstacles by utilizing the speed of our processor. RapidSense maps the environment and adds any obstacles that are not predefined so that a motion plan can then be computed to avoid them. Our system runs fast enough to keep updating the environmental map and appropriate motion plan so that a robot can stay one step ahead of the changing environment.

Implementing the system is simple because it manages obstacle detection and motion planning for you. This saves the many engineering hours it would take to try and define all possible variations in the workcell. Our approach is to detect and react to variation with extraordinary speed in order to encompass all possible variations.

Fully Collaborative



  • Realtime Controller
  • RapidPlan Software
  • RapidSense Spatial Perception


  • Safety Certification is in progress
  • The full capabilities of Industrial Robots working collaboratively with people in the workcell
  • All unstructured and structured examples

We are in the process of creating a certified system that will enable deployment of robotic systems using our technology with people in the loop.

Currently, cobots can only interact with people if they move slowly enough to reduce the risk of serious injuries upon collision. However, we can unlock the productivity of robots working with people by having it plan around them in its workspace. This allows the use of industrial robots in collaborative settings for enhanced precision, speed and payload over traditional cobots. Furthermore, with an autonomous safety system you can reduce the footprint of work cells and increase your payload and tasks per hour.

The certified safety capabilities will roll-out as an upgrade to any products purchased as “Safety Certifiable.”

Supported accessories

Our technology works with a growing array of leading robots, end-of-arm-tools with valid CAD models, 3D point-cloud producing depth sensors, PLCs or custom task planners that communicate over ethernet-based protocols, and with various simulation packages. This means customers can utilize their existing partnerships and still integrate the Realtime Robotics solutions.

Some examples:

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