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Customer success

Together with Kawasaki Robotics, we’ve helped a major automotive manufacturer improve programming speed by 70%. This manufacturer reduced the pre-production engineering commissioning process and is looking to eliminate the time-consuming physical validation of robot paths.


Works with your tech stack

RapidPlan seamlessly integrates with Siemens Process Simulate. You can either create and package motion paths for all robots in Process Simulate or standalone RapidPlan. Save programming time in motion planning and interlocking using your existing technology stack.


Control up to 16 robots at a time

Make your cell as simple or complex as you’d like, with live collision avoidance and monitoring from a centralized location. Cover more applications and use cases. Verified with up to 500Hz joint update rate.


Easy changes

Seamlessly switch tasks during runtime. Define workcell and robot states for quick process optimization on-the-fly. Preconfigured collision matrices speed up the cell configuration process, eliminating the need for manual programming. With a single command line edit, replace or support multiple end of arm tools with ease or complete geometry changes.

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