digital twin validation

RapidPlan + Process Simulate

Visualize, prioritize and simulate the task plans to validate robot programs through virtual commissioning. Benefit from our long-standing partnership with Siemens - use a Realtime plug-in with a seamless Process Simulate integration.

    Streamline cell commissioning

    With RapidPlan, customers get paths that avoid collisions between robots and with other objects in the cell.

    Improve decision-making

    Simple, straightforward logic is made possible by the software, making it easy to intuitively configure robots or optimize for cycle time.

    Quickly evaluate and validate options

    The need to undertake lengthy, laborious manual robot path validation is eliminated as RapidPlan quickly evaluates changes and validates available options.

    Automatic viapoints and interlocks

    Process Simulate automatically records RapidPlan generated viapoints, removing the need for manual viapoint and interlock validation.

    Iterate changes fast

    With Realtime Robotics for Siemens Process Simulate, positions and viapoints can be updated without reprogramming.


Seamless workflow

Work in Siemens Process Simulate directly

There’s no longer a need to switch between programming and simulation programs. RapidPlan integrates with Process Simulate, and can run either on the same PC or in a separate environment.

“The combination of Process Simulate with Realtime Robotics’ automated motion planning and interlocking has provided a significant improvement to our efficiency, reducing our off-line programming efforts by more than 80%. This presents to us a tangible and strategic advantage in the industry.”

Michael Schaubmayr
Group Manager, Mechanical Engineering Simulation / VALIANT TMS



Virtual commissioning

Implementation ROI with massive reduction in programming time due to validated digital twin files importing directly to live operations. Ability to test with cell sim models or as-built, live operational models.

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