RapidPlan 2.0 Early-Bird Access

Join major automotive manufacturers and see our new generation of products. Get the functionality you need and the benefits that expand your existing smart automation capabilities. You still get the high-quality automated robot path planning, ability to use different robot brands in one cell, virtual movement validation and more. We’ve enhanced old favorites while adding new options.

Up to 50%

decrease in robot lifecycle cost


reduction in programming time


increase in throughput rate

Automated programming

Realtime’s solution is designed to set up path segments, then automatically package software within minutes.

Validate operations digitally

Shorten valuable implementation time with early detection and correction of potential errors through our simulation software.

Different brands all in one cell

Easily mix and match the perfect robots to complete tasks together within the same workcell.

Maximize cycle uptime

Quickly adapt or react in case of emergency or when someone presses an e-stop button. Technicians can return a robot to its home position with a few simple clicks.


Control up to 16 robots at a time

Make your cell as simple or complex as you’d like, with live collision avoidance and monitoring from a centralized location. Cover more applications and use cases. Verified with up to 500Hz joint update rate.


​​Flexible workcell with easy changes

Seamlessly switch tasks during runtime. With the new presets feature, you can define workcell and robot states for quick process optimization on-the-fly. Preconfigured collision matrices speed up the cell configuration process, eliminating the need for manual programming. With a single command line edit, replace or support multiple end of arm tools with ease or complete geometry changes.


Continuous sync between your digital twin and live cell

Reflect simulation changes in the live cell and vice versa with an updated, streamlined workflow and unified interface. Access offline review and roadmap editing. Each implementation stage is now easier and faster with a one-step export process for all your robots in the entire workcell, no matter how intricate. When you program one robot, our software accounts for the movement of all the others.


7th and 8th robot axis control

From the robot to end-effectors, a more comprehensive motion planning capability and control is provided with the 7th and 8th robot axis control. Now includes control of linear traversing robots. Make your robot do more for you by managing your weld guns or linear rail robots from one console. Expand the applications you can automate, from automotive body welding to palletizing in logistics.

  • Visually define and easily configure targets for predictable robot motions with simplified connections. You now have the ability for group connections, reducing manual and repetitive steps.
  • Updated movement smoothing guarantees aggressive collision-free shortcuts between all types of motions, giving you a more precise control over robot movements. A frequent outcome is better cycle time via better paths between points.
  • Access all motion planning capabilities independent of robot-brand specific programming with new API functions. Easily accommodate dynamic robot and workcell models, autonomously homing all robots.
  • Add moving or static obstacles for future tasks during runtime with dynamic scene modeling. Improve dynamic obstacle avoidance measurements and lower stress on pre-computed or pre-planned operations.

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