You can’t escape the debate around the future of work and the way that AI and automation will change how we work and live. This podcast from Invested explores how AI will augment people rather than replace them. The discussion covers the benefits, challenges and insightful comments from our very own Co-Founder and Sr. Director of Robotics, Sean Murray and Advisor, Stefie Tellex.

Sean states that “..the more I learn about the robots that are currently deployed, the more I realize how far away we are from the hype of robots taking away everyone’s job. The robots deployed today are very simple machines doing very simple tasks. Almost every task that involves any amount of fine dexterity or manipulation is being done by a human, and I don’t see that changing in the near future.”

From Stefie’s perspective, “it’s a conversation we need to have—how are we going to adopt this technology?”

Listen to the full discussion and understand more about how automation will augment rather than replace humans.

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