As you may have heard, this week is a big one for Realtime Robotics. We’re announcing the official launch of our RapidPlan software, returning to the live event scene with an expanded presence at Automate 2022 and are sharing details on our work with key partners Kawasaki and Mitsubishi. 

Coolest of all, at Automate, we’ve got separate demo cells of our software working in conjunction with industrial robots from Kawasaki and Mitsubishi, where attendees can see first-hand the power of our software to make it easy to program, deploy and control industrial robots.

Let’s take a look at each of the key activities for this week:

Automate 2022

Realtime Robotics arrives on the Automate 2022 scene with a vengeance. We’ll have a trio of speaking opportunities where attendees can hear our executives’ insights on improving automation and limiting downtime – helping to make the industrial manufacturing process easier, faster and less costly. If you’re at Automate, come by and hear what our Tom Munger and Zach Gomez have to say:

  • On Monday, June 6, 2022 from 10:30 – 10:45 am EDT at Mitsubishi Electric Automation booth #1023, our own Tom Munger, Director of North American Sales, will be having a one-on-one “fireside chat” with Patrick Varley, the Product Marketing Manager for Mechatronics at Mitsubishi Electric Automation. The two will discuss how multi-robot work cells can operate safely at a productive pace in unstructured and dynamic environments.

  • Also on Monday, June 6, 2022 from 3:30 – 4:15 pm EDT in the “How To Automate” track, on the 300 level, Tom will be part of a panel discussion with David Dechow, Vice President of Outreach and Vision Technology at Landing AI and Juan Aparicio, VP Product, Ready Robotics. The group will chat about the future of workplace automation – and how to use the latest tech to improve it.

  • Tuesday, June 7, 2022 from 2:30 – 3:15 pm EDT, also in the 300 level, our Senior Director, Global Logistics Business Zach Gomez will present with Tom Knauer, the Global Industry Manager – Factory Automation for Balluff on the topic of utilizing predictive technologies to improve maintenance and downtime.


We’re excited to finally draw back the curtain on our RapidPlan software at this year’s Automate. Years in the making, RapidPlan streamlines the production of complex cells with offline programming that synchronizes to live operations.

Realtime Robotics RapidPlan software autonomously creates and choreographs all robot movements and removes the need for brand-specific robot programming. Within the software environment, users simply click on robots and target points to visualize task plans, saving weeks to months of programming time per project.

To learn more, click here

Kawasaki Robotics Inc.

Kawasaki and Realtime Robotics have collaborated to create a demo cell in Kawasaki’s booth (#2332) at Automate 2022. The spot-welding demo cell displays the combined power of Kawasaki’s open programming platform, KRNX, and our RapidPlan motion planning and collision avoidance software, integrated with two BX100N Kawasaki robots.

In the demo, two Kawasaki BX100N robots simulate the welding of a car door using ARO 3G modular spot welding guns. Attendees are able to get hands-on experience starting, stopping or resetting all or any individual robots. They can modify target allocation, change target order, and add or remove existing targets to the robot sequence.

The demo shows attendees how quickly and efficiently robot motions can be modified – all without any reprogramming or manual verification of motion planning. Check it out if you’re at the event – or if you’re not, view a video of the demo here:

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

The powerful combination of our RapidPlan robot programming and motion control software with Mitsubishi Electric’s industrial robots will also be on display in a demo cell at Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s booth (#1023) at Automate 2022.

In the demo, two Mitsubishi robots (RV-7FRL and RV-8CRL) simulate moving to various points of interest on the workpiece, while the ASSISTA collaborative robot moves to inspect various points of interest. Using a touch screen, a show attendee can tap to modify target allocation, add/remove existing, or drag and drop targets to change their order. An attendee can start, stop and reset all or individual robots without any reprogramming or motion plan validation.

To see our software in action with some of the most innovative industrial robots available today, stop by the booth. 

We’re looking forward to revealing our RapidPlan software this week and highlighting its power to change the industrial robotics industry along with our partners Kawasaki and Mitsubishi. If you’re at Automate 2022 this week, come by and chat with us about how the power of RapidPlan can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your robots as well.