Realtime Robotics “graduated” from the MassRobotics incubator late last year. Not-for-profit MassRobotics is a Boston-based workspace for robotics companies to collaborate, build and innovate. Realtime Robotics originally headquartered in MassRobotics as it provided a reasonably priced, centrally located office and lab space that offered the flexibility to grow with their project needs and infrastructure requirements.

“MassRobotics is a perfect place for a robotics startup to launch from,” said Peter Howard, CEO of Realtime Robotics. “We had access to a flexible workspace, like-minded people to bounce ideas off of, robots and hardware without consuming our limited funds, and invaluable connections to customers, investors, advisors, researchers, and events that linked us to incredible employees and partnerships. We would definitely not have made the rapid progress we have achieved had we not had the amazing resources that come with being a MassRobotics member.”

Realtime Robotics moved their headquarters to nearby Tower Point in the Fort Point district of Boston. They currently have 30 full-time employees, most of which you can see here in their new space:


Learn more about MassRobotics.

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