We have some terrific news to share today – our own Maggie Weeks has been recognized as a supply chain industry leader by Supply & Demand Chain Executive

She is a recipient of this year’s “Women in Supply Chain Award,” which honors female supply chain leaders and executives whose accomplishments, mentorship and examples set a foundation for women in all levels of a company’s supply chain network.

As our 5th employee, Maggie has embraced every challenge that came her way, helping to evolve the everyday company experience while working tirelessly to elevate our brand to the next level.

Maggie - Iceland

She’s worked directly with customers to help them understand how to best optimize their operations and embrace the latest supply chain technologies. A part of this has been evangelizing how Realtime’s technology empowers robots and people to be more comfortable with variability and deal with it autonomously.

Our CEO, Peter Howard, shared that: "Maggie joined the Realtime team as its second non-founder employee. We had asked the MassRobotics team if they could recommend someone that could wear the many hats required in a very early phase startup, and without hesitating, they said we should meet Maggie, who was then at Symbotic, and had been one of its earliest employees. Over the three and a half years of collaborating with Maggie, she has responded to every challenge imaginable, designing stellar websites, to project managing our move from MassRobotics to our current 11,500 square foot office/lab space, to customer acquisition, to branding, and most recently onboarding 24 employees in 8 weeks in her ‘spare time.’ She’s been a fabulous partner in building this exciting company!"

On the marketing side, Maggie regularly pulls off the impossible on tight deadlines – and has helped with both the product storytelling evolution and our rebrand, including the launch of our new website. 

In addition, she has been a tireless promoter of the beneficial role that robotics technologies can and should play in the manufacturing, logistics and supply chain industries. With companies facing a talent gap and the never-ending need to be more efficient while cutting costs, robotics and automation should be the answer to what the next generation will look like. Her efforts have helped promote the idea of optimizing the space and equipment you have to work with, so that automation can truly be beneficial.

Nathan Koontz, our Director of Customer Success, added that: “I’ve worked with Maggie within the same department at two separate companies now, while at Symbotic and now Realtime Robotics. Maggie heavily influenced my decision to join Realtime Robotics; her down-to-earth gritty determination coupled with her outright care and compassion for coworkers is infectious. From the day I met Maggie at Symbotic, she has offered a helping hand at work, and in life. She helped me find my place on a fast-paced and dynamic team, while also supporting me through exhaustion right after my son was born. The key is that she is always willing to help and will do anything to support her friends and colleagues. I've only ever known her to lead with compassion and constant consideration for others.”

Maggie is very dedicated to making our team be both happy and productive at work, and to helping everyone get the most out of their current role as possible, so they can grow and continue along their desired career path. One example that immediately springs to mind is how, during the beginning of the pandemic, she pioneered a virtual social events program, as she was acutely aware of how it would help our suddenly dispersed team continue to connect with each other during a difficult time. 

Team Summer Game

Dan Sorin, who you may know as one of our founders and our Chief Architect, perhaps summed it up best when he said: “My impression of Maggie is that she can do anything. I’ve asked her for help with everything from marketing to logistics to facilities to HR to web design, only one of which is part of her current job title. And she works amazingly well with everyone: engineers, sales, marketing, and HR, among others."

We couldn’t be prouder of this well-deserved, industry-wide recognition. Maggie, we’re very lucky to have you on the Realtime Robotics team. Congratulations!