As you may have guessed from the title, we’re heading back to the annual Automate event again this year. Automate 2023 will be held from May 22-25, 2023 in Detroit, MI. Realtime Robotics will be participating in the booth of our close partner Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

In booth #4018, a demo cell will be on display to showcase to attendees what happens when Mitsubishi Electric’s industrial robots team up with our RapidPlan robot programming, collision avoidance and motion control software.

Three Mitsubishi robots will be used in the cell for assembly and inspection – a RV-7FRL, a RV-8CRL and a RV-4FRL. The cell demo was designed to simulate an inbound conveyor at a facility where newly manufactured graphics cards come in, are inventoried and tested, and then leave on an outbound conveyor to be packed up and sold. The demo represents pick and place-style applications for industrial robots.

By using Realtime Robotics’ RapidPlan software, multiple robots can operate without fear of causing a collision. This means that the cell can be set up with parts arriving at slightly different times, one robot can begin a new task while the other finishes its task, reducing downtime, and fault recovery is made easy as robots can be sent to the ‘home position’ from any position on the floor.

At Automate, attendees can use a touch screen to start, stop and reset all of the robots, or even just an individual one, without any reprogramming or motion plan validation needed. Targets can be modified with a tap, and users can seamlessly switch from one sequence to another without worrying about collision.

Our industry-changing RapidPlan software makes it easier for manufacturers to create and operate increasingly complex robot cells by enabling a digital twin to be made that simulates the cell layout and robot operations. RapidPlan autonomously creates and choreographs all robot movements, removing the need for brand-specific robot programming. The software empowers users to plan and test different options offline – and then synchronizes them to live operations. 

This demo is an excellent representation of how advanced technologies are changing the manufacturing and logistics industries forever. Industrial robots can avoid obstacles quickly and smoothly because of RapidPlan’s ability to recognize real time changes in surroundings. Manufacturers can save months of programming time, lowering costs and improving efficiency. 

We’d love to tell you more about how our RapidPlan software is disrupting the way robot programming and motion control is conducted. Stop by the booth if you’d like to learn more and have the opportunity to experience the next revolution in robotics for yourself.