Instead of painstakingly programming each move and coordinating multiple robots to work together, Realtime takes command of the movement and coordination functions, autonomously moving single or multiple robots to their goals while avoiding both static and dynamic objects in the environment. The processor removes the need for manual iterative programming and a software toolkit allows users to intuitively work with the Realtime Controller to provide collision-free plans autonomously. This means you can expedite the entire deployment process — system engineering, motion planning, task deployment, and reprogramming — and combine them into a fully autonomous solution that saves you significant time and money while maximizing throughput.

Benefits for Manufacturers

With Realtime’s technology, manufacturers can transform the deployment of robotic automation.

  • Faster, easier robot programming with accelerated offline motion planning

  • Increased throughput with interlock-free multi-robot workcells

  • Flexible workcells with collision-free planning in real-time

  • Safely deploy industrial robots in shared workspaces typically reserved for collaborative solutions

If you are looking to transform how you program production cells and accelerate your automation implementation while maximizing flexibility, then Realtime’s innovative technology is the answer. Find out more about how Realtime is helping remove the friction associated with the deployment of multi-robot workcells in this white paper.

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