Although Peter has been traversing the globe meeting with customers, partners, and prospects, we managed to track him down to answer five questions on how to prepare for a career in a robotic automation company.

Peter Howard

What do you wish you had known at the start of your career in robotics?

How primitive robotics really was and how long it would take to overcome fundamental limitations in basic technologies like motion planning…  And that it would take the promise of autonomous vehicles to finally attract enough money to propel robotics to the next level.

What’s something that you didn’t learn at college?

The difference between making a proof of concept that works once, and a commercially viable product that always works. The academic world typically doesn’t prepare you for this challenge!

What skills should kids develop to be successful in our new, automated world?

Focus on working in groups on school projects and helping everyone to contribute. Also, play as much as possible to hone your creative problem-solving skills.

What do I wish I could tell my 21-year-old self?

Trust your instincts, but use your head.

How did you end up as CEO?

Based on a repeated track record of building teams of capable, dynamic people who continuously develop and realize visions for how technologies can change industries in positive and profitable ways.

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