BostInno Realtime Robotics

The Realtime Robotics team celebrates its 2022 Inno Madness win.

Earlier this year, the team here at Realtime Robotics was named the 2022 Inno Madness champion by Boston’s leading business, technology and innovation publication – BostInno.

To follow that up, Realtime was again recognized by BostInno this Fall as one of the area companies that’s on fire. The “Inno on Fire” is BostInno’s annual award recognizing 50 local companies that have “…demonstrated their success in raising funds, launching new products, bringing in new customers, growing their Boston footprint and supporting the local community and innovation ecosystem.”

We couldn’t be prouder of our team here – these awards are a great recognition of the hard work everyone has put in to bring the company to where it is today. Realtime’s future is bright, and we look forward to continuing to grow and bring our customers and partners the latest in robotics motion control and collision avoidance technology.

For more on each recognition, keep reading below:

Inno Madness

Each year, Boston’s leading technology publication selects 64 innovative local-area companies and has them face-off, bracket-style, in their own March Madness tournament to name a single champ. Winners are based on voting by the Boston technology community – and this year we came out on top.

We battled some tough companies but the team here really got into the competition and pushed us through to the number one spot (even though there were a couple of close calls along the way.)

Our own co-founder and chief roboticist, George Konidaris, was interviewed by BostInno about the win (check out the article and slideshow here). “You could almost break out the popcorn. It’s like watching the Olympics or something like that, everyone was very excited,” he said of our Slack chatter during each round of voting. “It was kind of fun, but certainly nerve wracking to watch. There was a lot of 'wake up in the morning and check where you are' moments.”

Inno on Fire

The Inno on Fire awards are BostInno’s premier awards showcase, celebrating the startups, growing companies and individuals that have had a banner year within the local ecosystem. 

The BostInno team reviews coverage from the past year and inbound nominations to determine who will be on this year’s list, grouped into categories. We were thrilled to be one of the four local area robotics companies named to the listing. 

BostInno’s editors said that “In the last 12 months, Realtime Robotics has raised a $45.8 million Series A round, partnered with Kawasaki and Mitsubishi, opened new offices in Japan and won the Inno Madness tournament.” Quite a year indeed.

The full list of winners is available here, so give it a read and check out all of our fellow innovators for the year.

Thanks again to everyone who voted for us – in both competitions – and congrats to everyone who took part in this year’s Madness competition or were named as a company on Fire. It’s truly an honor for us to be alongside so many area innovators.