As the holiday season winds down and calendars begin again, we have some exciting news to share. This year, Realtime Robotics will be a part of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), taking place in Las Vegas from January 5-8, 2023. 

If you’ve ever been to CES, then you’ll know it has the reputation of being a form of controlled chaos. Well, this year we’ll be a part of that chaos, showing off a demo of our innovative RapidPlan motion control and collision avoidance software for industrial robotics.

And we’re lucky because we won’t need to navigate that chaos alone – we’ll be teaming up with our close partner Mitsubishi Electric Corporation at the event. Mitsubishi will be at booth number 3841 and in their booth will be an interactive demo cell, where attendees can come by and experience the power of our software and their robots together.

The demo is an assembly and inspection application using 3 Mitsubishi robots: RV-4FRL, RV-7FRL and RV-8CRL. It automates the process of inventorying and testing newly manufactured graphics cards and represents applications like pick and place. It intends to mimic an inbound conveyor where new cards come in and an outbound conveyor where passing cards leave to be packed up and sold. For this demo, the inbound and outbound are the same so it can loop infinitely.

With RapidPlan, you can use two robots more easily which allows the parts to arrive at slightly different times, reduce downtime by having one robot begin its task while the other is finishing its task, and easily handle fault recovery by sending to the home position from any position. Using a touch screen, a show attendee can tap to modify target allocation, or seamlessly switch from one sequence to another without worrying about collision. A CES attendee can start, stop and reset all or individual robots without any reprogramming or motion plan validation.

The demo is an excellent example of the intelligent, collaborative technologies that will play such a large role in the future of the manufacturing and logistics industries. Because of the technology’s ability to recognize real time changes in surroundings, industrial robots can avoid obstacles quickly and smoothly.

We’re excited to see you at the event – stop by and see the future of industrial robotics in action at LVCC West Hall Booth 3841.