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Transforming Industrial Automation with the Rapid Motion Planning, Pt 1

Why Rapid Motion Planning? Realtime Robotics has developed the Realtime Controller that allows you to quickly deploy a multi-robot workcell that maximizes the collective performance of the robots. In the video on the left, you see four robots—three from Universal Robots and one from Fanuc—moving together in a demonstration workcell. […]

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People and Robots, Working Together At Last

Today’s robot workspaces are designed to detect worker entrances—perhaps with a fence or a sensor—and which instructs all of the robots to idle. Why? Because today’s robots don’t perceive and react quickly enough at typical speeds to operate safely within close proximity to people. Having a fence or sensor that […]

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Why Intelligent Robots Require More Than AI

Robots are touted as the solution to multiple manufacturing problems from increasing productivity to solving the labor shortage. However, the promise of autonomous machines currently lags the underlying technology. One of the key constraints with robotic automation is the risk of collisions. Robots need a way to work in harmony […]

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