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Easy and Unobtrusive Failure Recovery

Unfortunately, robots don’t run smoothly all the time. Robot hardware or software could fail, an end-effector could break, or even some part of the workspace itself could fail (e.g., a conveyor belt providing materials to one of the robots). Failures cause a disproportionate amount of downtime.  To get back up […]

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People and Robots, Working Together At Last

Today’s robot workspaces are designed to detect worker entrances—perhaps with a fence or a sensor—and which instructs all of the robots to idle. Why? Because today’s robots don’t perceive and react quickly enough at typical speeds to operate safely within close proximity to people. Having a fence or sensor that […]

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Realtime Robotics’ Technology Interfaces with Yaskawa Motoman

Realtime Robotics’ technology allows this Yaskawa Motoman GP7 to operate at full speed while autonomously avoiding unexpected obstacles that enter its workspace. Traditionally, a robot moving at these speeds would only be operated behind a cage in order to ensure safety. Realtime Robotics provides Motion Planning and Spatial Perception solutions […]

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