User imports cell elements, then clicks and points to create targets and goals. Realtime automatically generates offline programs and interlock locations for traditional runtime solutions.


Automated programming

Realtime’s solution is designed to set up path segments, then automatically package projects within minutes.

Expedite commissioning

Eliminate manual calculation and iterative programming of every robot combination.

Automate processes

From simulation and robot engineers to operators, work in a unified software program, automating processes and minimizing error.

Freedom of brand choice

Remove the dependency on any robot manufacturer – mix and match brands in one cell. We remove reliance on brand-specific robot programming.


Easily train your team to recover from downtime or make workcell changes to free up your highly technical resources.

Autonomous navigation

planning core

We autonomously navigate the robot to and from their task destinations with the following considerations: robots' current location, known best routes, optimal motions and turns as well as all the other robot motions.



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“I just have to know where the robot is going to pick, where it’s going to place and Realtime Robotics takes care of the tracking of the robot, the paths of the robot for me and I don’t have to be concerned about them colliding with each other.”

Ralph Barbre

Automation Engineer

Hella Electronics


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