Have confidence in robot motions and dynamic obstacle avoidance. Motions remain collision free after changes, providing high flexibility and adaptability to robotic cells


Validate changes fast

Quickly toggle to sandbox mode to visually validate changes prior to implementing on the live floor.

Easy connections

Available interfaces for robots and PLCs simplify the integration in the workcell.

Real-time decisions

High-flexible, multipurpose cells are no longer a headache. RapidPlan adapts to changing environments, either using the information from the PLC or dedicated cameras.

Always collision-free

Even moves to new locations (for example, camera locations) are collision-free. Cameras are not required for collision avoidance between the robots and the cell objects.

Faster deployments

Time reduction in the robot cell setup up to 50%. Changes in a cell can be done on-the-fly safely without big efforts and tedious testing.

Automated fault recovery

No more manually jogging robots back home with the ability to auto-home without collisions.

Uncage robots

Transform your

Realtime’s products enable multiple robots to operate autonomously at full speed in unstructured and uncaged environments. Remove engineering complexity and reduce cycle time.



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“One of the benefits of the Realtime Robotics platform with Mitsubishi hardware is its ability to drop in nearly any application that's going on. So whether that's a new line designed out of the gates or an existing line that has personnel on it, or maybe it had some legacy automation that you wanted to improve, it literally can function in any of those systems you drop in.”

Tim Kalhorn

Channel Account Manager

Mitsubishi electric automation, inc.


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