Realtime Robotics in the news: QB Insights

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Toyota AI Ventures’ Adler: The Next Step In Autonomous Vehicles Is Moving From Perception To Prediction The head of Toyota's new venture fund talks the arrival of self-driving cars, but says they must first overcome a host of technical challenges and public perception issues. Toyota is racing to stay competitive in autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and robotics [...]

Realtime Robotics in the news: Medium

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Self-driving Cars vs Humans — 100x Power Efficiency Gap By Nitin Vaish Excerpt: The development of self-driving cars is moving rapidly, with Waymo launching the self-driving car service on the road without front safety driver earlier this month. Kudos to the team! It’s an awesome outcome of the research that was spurred by Darpa urban challenge [...]

James Kuffner, CTO at Toyota Research Institute, blogs about Realtime Robotics

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Helping Make Robots Smarter Welcoming Realtime Robotics to the Toyota AI Ventures portfolio By James Kuffner, Chief Technology Officer, Toyota Research Institute Excerpt: Visions of the future often feature robots. Whether working in factories, attending to humans, or piloting our cars, they compose a large part of our futurescape. While we imagine how robots [...]

Realtime Robotics closes $2 million seed round

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Investors include SPARX Group Ltd., Scrum Ventures and Toyota AI Ventures BOSTON, MA – October 30, 2017— Realtime Robotics, which develops breakthrough technology that unleashes robots and autonomous vehicles from their current limitations, announced today that it has secured $2 million in seed funding to further its growth. Key investors in the seed round [...]