intuitive planning

Meet RapidPlan software

Simplify robot programming by allowing us to autonomously choreograph all movements. Visualize task plans with just a few clicks, saving weeks of programming time per project and reducing the demand for overtime from specialists. Trust in RapidPlan software to streamline your team's workflow and boost productivity.


Coordinate faster

Streamline multi-robot navigation

Use RapidPlan to effortlessly navigate multiple robots to and from their task destinations with precision and efficiency. Take into account the current location of the robots, utilize the best known routes, and optimize all necessary motions and turns to ensure a seamless operation.

    Automated programming

    Realtime’s solution is designed to set up path segments, then automatically package software within minutes.

    Improve decision-making

    Simple, straightforward logic is made possible by the software, making it easy to intuitively configure robots or optimize for cycle time.

    Easy connections

    Available interfaces for robots and PLCs simplify the integration in the workcell.

    Motions are always collision-free

    Even moves to new locations (for example, camera locations) are collision-free. Cameras are not required for collision avoidance between the robots and the cell objects.

    Real-time decisions

    High-flexible, multipurpose cells are no longer a headache. RapidPlan adapts to changing environments, either using the information from the PLC or dedicated cameras.


Flexibility unleashed

Achieve autonomous control

Simplify engineering complexity with confidence in robot motions and dynamic obstacle avoidance. Our motions remain collision-free even after changes, providing unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to robotic cells. Expect up to 50% reduction in robot cell setup time. Changes in a cell can be made on-the-fly safely, without extensive effort or tedious testing.

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    CRB 1300-7/1.4 CRB 1300-10/1.15 CRB 1300-11/0.9 CRB 15000 IRB 120-3/0.6 IRB 140-6/0.8


    Aura 170-2.8 e.DO NJ 370-3.0 NJ 650-2.7 NS 12-1.85 Racer 3 Racer 5-0.80 COBOT


    Cobotta VM-60B1 VS-060 VS-068 HM-4A73


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    Hardware Compatibility

    Example computer model Dell the good model!


Integrate your CAD

Simulate factory workflows

We have a Siemens Process Simulate plugin that empowers users to boost their CAD models with Realtime's motion planning and automated collision-free interlock programming.



Add spatial perception

RapidSense brings turn-key spatial perception to RapidPlan. Empower robots to work in dynamic, unstructured environments. Workcell monitoring and active obstacle detection reliably identify obstacle-free spaces for robot motion.

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