When robots move safely and seamlessly at speed, the possibilities are endless

The trade-offs between speed, safety and structure is the single-biggest factor holding automation back today. Realtime Robotics offers the first motion planning solution that allows you to operate your robots safely at full speeds, in unstructured and uncaged environments.

Our technology helps to expand your automation efforts to more advanced applications and therefore increases further factory output and productivity.

Realtime’s technology is a catalyst for new factory automation

Industrial Robots

Traditional robot installations require significant investments in safety infrastructure, they are unable to work in dynamic and unstructured environments and require expensive programming for a single task.

  • Collisions are prevented with guarding
  • Work-cells need to be fully structured

Collaborative Robots

Cobots are safe enough to work in close proximity with people, but they can’t work at human-speed and stop working when confronted by an obstacle.

  • Light collisions are deemed safe
  • Semi-structured work-cells

Robots with Realtime

Industrial robots and cobots can work collision-free, adapting to dynamic, unstructured environments, as quickly as changes occur.

  • Collisions prevented by instantaneously reacting to the changing environment
  • Unstructured work-cells

Solution Benefits

Suitable Applications

 Multi-Robot Industrial Cells

Industrial Workcell

Collaborative Pick and Place

High-Mix Automation

Collaborative Kitting

Mixed SKU Palletizing

Manufacturing and Assembly


RapidPlan Motion Planning Accelerator (MPA) is the core of our technology. It computes all possible robot movements ahead of runtime and generates a roadmap which can determine collision free paths within milliseconds – this enables collision free deployments of robots. Average power consumption is estimated at 25 Watts.

RapidPlan consists of:

  • RapidPlan MPA (Motion Planning Accelerator)
  • Roadmap generation toolkit
  • RapidPlan APIs


RapidSense uses 3D sensors to collision check a work-cell at runtime. Any obstacles introduced to the defined workspace result in an instant replanning of the desired path, and prompting the robot with a new collision free path.

RapidSense consists of:

  • Fiducial plate for calibration
  • 3D sensors
  • RapidSense APIs

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